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Welcome to the Art Decopedia.

Los Angeles has always been a city that looks to the future, eternally searching for the next big thing. In our eagerness to discover the new, our past is too often left vulnerable to the wrecking ball. No historic preservation organization can save every structure deemed valuable, so the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles has set out to catalog the historic treasures of the Los Angeles area.

We need your eyes, your interest, your research and your photos. Los Angeles is home to hundreds of Deco era buildings. Some are pristinely maintained and world famous, like Bullocks Wilshire or City Hall, while others are small and obscure, like the auto shop around the corner. We invite you to help us by submitting pictures and information on Deco-era buildings that you know and love.

If you are interested in getting more deeply involved, we invite you to join the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles. You may also wish to sign up for our preservation email list at

The Art Deco Society of Los Angeles is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and awareness of Art Deco as a major influence on the 20th century and beyond.